A bust sketch Tori did a while back. Still one of my favorites! Really captures his expression.

A bust sketch Tori did a while back. Still one of my favorites! Really captures his expression.

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Drawing some headshots for a friend! Of their characters Taviast, Lanstarth, Kipen

Worgen are odd to shade…>_> I tried. 

These are WONDERFUL though. And yes, Worgen are very hard to shade. But you did great! Thank you!!

I don’t know what to do. I’m rather down about my next future deployment issue. Of course, being a Magister of Quel’thalas, I’m to work alongside the other Magisters and Magistrixes and still return to Silvermoon City for my duties. Still, I am now to aid the causes outside my city, too.

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Before I say anything else please forgive this one and only one time massive post…. I don’t mean any harm, or to take up dashes with it.

Surprise!!!!!! Instead of two contest winners, everyone who had reblogged had won! hehehe! <3’s I just love ya’ll so much that I couldn’t just pick one or two. I’ve been soo excited about this I’ve been practically biting my nails in anticipation! Listen, all these people are awesome, and a vast array of personalities. Some rp here on tumblr, some are awesome at art, some play the game and interact with me, some are just generous with who they are and they deserve a round of gratitude. I really put a lot of heart into this to brighten their day, because they always brighten mine. 

All these characters belong the respective links I put up, I make no claim of ownership on the characters themselves, Art belongs to me, and as always Blizz stuff belongs to Blizz. I’m going to put out the individual appreciation on my art page, so that if you would it can be reblogged individually with bigger images. 

The list from top to bottom is as follows…

Byuka belongs to; http://byuka.tumblr.com/  

E’shi belongs to; http://izzeibean.tumblr.com/

Maji belongs to; http://psychokiin.tumblr.com/

Moj’akai belongs to; http://tribeoftrolls.tumblr.com/ 

Mûr belongs to http://myrrde.tumblr.com/ 

Renaya, belongs to; http://alafemwhitesartblog.tumblr.com/

Retro belongs to;  http://retrosketchdump.tumblr.com/

Svytlana belongs to;  http://ladyamazonshebeast.tumblr.com/

Taviast belongs to; http://elvenarcanist.tumblr.com/  

Zivalah belongs to; http://sultrydancergentlehealer.tumblr.com/ 

This is amazing! THANK YOU. <3!

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I’m having trouble sleeping. I keep drifting off, but I jerk awake shortly before succumbing to the sanctity of my dreams. My body is far too sore. The fighting tonight truly did a number on me. It doesn’t help I’ve been exhausted from a week-long bout of fighting. Fighting thanks to given missions; fighting whilst aiding those in Pandaria; fighting to protect Silvermoon City…

Tonight’s peace was disrupted by yet another confrontation. Alliance stormed into the city. Just another night, it seems. The drudgery of the constant invasions have resulted in a sickening sense of normalcy. Blood coats the streets far too often. I do not know what can be done to prevent this. Our forces are being worn down. 

Ah… but, now that I think of it, one good thing was produced from the throes of battle. I spotted someone, recognizing the familiar, and friendly, face right away.


I saw him after the fighting had finally stopped, and the forces of the Alliance had retreated. He wasn’t alone. There were two other elves with him, and—

Oh, my aching body! Confound it! I’m too old for this! Night after night of fighting, no end in sight. I’ll reminiscence on what transpired after the fighting later, after I’ve gotten some proper rest. I’m too tired. 

It’s time to sleep. I need to at least try. I desperately need the rest.

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“In Quel’Thalas, there are trees that tower over these in a glory of white bark and golden leaves, that all but sing in the evening breezes. […] I think you would enjoy visiting an entire land where magic is so much a part of the culture. Not just a part of the city, or confined to a handful of elite, educated magi. Magic is the birthright of every citizen. We are all embraced by the Sunwell.”

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This guy was forming some sort of sheep army.

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It amazes me. It was only a short while ago that I couldn’t walk the streets of Silvermoon City without being accosted by angry, distrusting citizens. I can understand wholly where they come from. After all, many among the ranks of the Blood Knights, and the Magisters, can come off a bit cold, if not abrasive.

Last night, though, it reminded me that times are changing. I’m being greeted with kindness and respect. It truly surprises me! My duty is to protect the citizens of the Horde, even though my heart lies with my race. I wish harm onto no one.

It’s nice to mingle with the people once more as one of them, not as some Magister to be feared and hated.